The own goal continues

Solo mother’s income made public beforeThe single mother who is taking Paula Bennett to the Privacy Commission for releasing her income details has had her income disclosed publicly before – by Labour in 2007 and by herself on a Trade Me message board last week. Natasha… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour’s spectacular own goal continues today as the MSm catches up with the blogosphere.

Claire Trevett explains about the information already in teh public domain including when David Benson-Pope released her personal details.

Add to that the talking swirling around Wellington is that Annette King has been talking over the last few weeks to Natasha Fuller who with Charles Chauvel’s assistance is now complaining to the Privacy Commissioner.

Quite interesting in view of the fact that Jennifer johnston was on TV last night saying she has had a conversation with Paula Bennett and is happy with their exchange of views.   

Looks as if one of them is willing to join the anti Bennett campaign and the other isn’t.