The Pearler spins her lines to the HoS

Pearl Going is a vaxatious little bitch and she has managed to get another Rachel at the HoS to spin her own shit.

If Rachel Grunwell had done what I had told her to do and actually asked the Pearler to produce some evidence of her much vaunted qualifications the article would have been a lot different from the way it is. Oh and Rachel Grunwell I never said the words “published in the Herald on Sunday‘s Spy page”, I said “bullshit posts by Pork Chop, who clearly never even did the most basic of fact checks on the lying little witch.

Pearl Going is a spinner, a liar and a fraud. not one single thing about her is true.

One thing that is for certain I would never, have never issued any death threats anonymously or otherwise through any medium on Pearler.

I will say however though that she has continued on with trying to supress the truth about her sorry-assed life and has now made it personal by siccing the cops onto me. For that she will pay. The phrase “this will get worse before it gets better” has never held so true.

Oh and Stephen Price, you idiot, I look forward to another attempt, you last one wasn’t too successful….better fact check your client though before I make you and her look silly in court.