The Reverse Midas Touch and the Media

There is something seriously missing from mainstream journalism in New Zealand.

What is wrong with the Herald checking the facts of a story they get from Labour as well as the one from South Africa? Fairly simple tasks. A background check of property ownership probably would have taken 5 minutes if that. A search of Wikipedia took less than 30 seconds.

My how the political reporters must miss Helen giving them all they want to know!!

Obviously Goff hasn’t quite learned the art yet. Labour have taken their eye off the ball. They are so busy trying to “get” Key and National, they keep scoring own goals and blowing their leaders feet off.

I wonder how long they trawled the Helensville electorate to find someone who was dumb enough to risk being pilloried in the media?

Phil goff certainly has the Reverse Midas Touch right now. Everything he touches turns to shit. He is becoming a Jonah for Labour.