The rumours just won't die

I am getting more and more feedback from the depths of Christchurch about the upcoming Mayoral challenge of Lianne Dalziel. The tipline is running hot. It seems neither Lianne nor some of her team can keep their traps shut when they think no one is listening.

The other day she got all snippy and defensive about my suggestions that she would indeed stand, so I have taken a bit of time to think about her chances.

Lianne though, through her loud denials is proving she isn’t much chop at strategy;

  1. She thinks she would like to be but wont be back as a cabinet minister because the talented new Labour MPs, even if they are party apparatchiks, won’t want a past-her-used-by-date liar in cabinet.
  2. She better run this time because she can’t keep waiting until Bob Parker retires, he could go on for another three terms even in the Socialist Republic of Christchurch, because he has bashed boy racers, stopped a lot of the mindless drunken violence, and most importantly kept rates low.
  3. She clearly doesn’t understand blogs or the new media.
  4. Did I mention lying?
  5. Labour will be in opposition for at least three terms, which kind of scotches any ambition she may have of ever making cabinet again.

I hope she isn’t on any strategy committee within Labour for their sakes, on the other hand National would relish her staying on.