The Whaleoil Approved Government Employee Award: John Whitehead

Today is the start of a regular award. Whaleoil Approved Government Employee of the month award. This months winner by a country mile is John Whitehead.

A quarter of a million public servants have been told more jobs are on the line as the Government considers greater use of private contractors to deliver state services.

In a hard-hitting speech echoing the Government’s “more for less” push, Treasury secretary John Whitehead has told state servants to lift their game or have change forced on them.

“Nothing should be off the table: for example, contracting out delivery as we do with some social services and others, like Australia, do with private prisons, may be more effective.”

Cuts during this year, which have resulted in up to 1500 job losses in the state sector, were the easy part. Tougher decisions were ahead, he said.

There was a stark alternative to public servants mobilising themselves. “The stakes are very high, and if we don’t rise to the challenge and make real progress, change will occur but it will be done to us rather than by us.”

John Whitehead take a bow.