The Whaleoil Awards

Announcing the new Whaleoil Awards

The Whaleoil Approved Government Employee: Employee of the month goes to the state sector employee that most cares about not pissing away ratepayers/taxpayers money.

The Loretta Award for being a splitter on the left: Chris Trotter would win this most of the time, but there has to be a rookie somewhere in the ranks of the left.

The Bill English Award for monumental electoral fuck ups: distributed to any politician that does something really dumb that will cost votes.

The Andrew Williams Award: Inconsistency and Incompetence in local government.

The Michael Laws Award: Telling the unvarnished, unpalatable truth to the liberal elite.

These will be awarded each month. Suggestions for the awards are welcome at anytime from readers via the tipline.

About the 15th of December I will have the Whaleoil Awards Night to annouce the annual award winners.

I will also accept suggestions for other awards.