The woman behind the Worth Affair

Sex allegation against Worth withdrawnThe woman who laid a complaint with police against Richard Worth has withdrawn her allegation of a serious sexual nature, saying the political fallout is punishment enough and she “wants out”. Her friend, who helped her to go to… [NZ Herald Politics]

The MSM won’t name her, yet the police have investigated and deemed there is no evidence to support her allegations. Note the difference here between “not in the public interest”…this is not one of those, it is not even a prima facie case…there is actually zero evidence to support her allegations.

Now don’t get me wrong. Richard Worth is a sleaze and I am in no way condoning his conduct of preying on drunk women and trying to get his leg over at every opportunity. However this woman thinks she has got away scot free after getting a woman’s revenge for a night of drunken sex she regretted.

WOBH is not so squeamish that we won’t name the woman. She is Jennifer Kim, a company director with a chequered history. In the Korean community here it is well known that false accusations are her stock and trade. The local community is also somewhat more forthcoming with details of this woman. The New Korea Herald published an article about this whole sordid affair. Don’t bother Google searching it, it is in Korean. I have taken the liberty of obtaining a translation. Excerpts below;

” Richard is an innocent and foolish man”.

New Zealand media is heating up to find out what is the true motive of Ms Kim and her boy friend. They came to National Party office with a compliant saying Richard Worth had an inappropriate sexual relationship with Ms Kim.

The general sentiment in NZ is leaning towards sympathy for Richard Worth who stepped down from the minister posture.  They seem to believe the things happened is far from the alleged “rape” considering they had sexual relation last March  and had breakfast  next morning in the same hotel then they met and enjoyed some time together at a Karaoke bar in downtown Auckland.

Chinese media including New Zealand Herald and Dominion called us and mentioned Ms Kim’s full name. They were questioning who she is and the sex scandal involving her and ex- president of Korean community 6 years ago. They also sought for the articles of an immigration scam she is believed to be involved in. They even tried to get an interview with Ms Kim’s family member and already finishing meeting up with the ex-president of Korean Community who claimed himself as a victim.

NZ Media said that Ms Kim’s sister who grow apart from her for the last 4 years  is worried about the situation  and was afraid to tell her mother in Korea what is going on.  A  former business associate  said ” I know Ms Kim’s personality very well” adding ” Richard Worth is a innocent fool. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Dover Samuel who was stood down as a Labour Cabinet minister amid swirling allegations of sex with a woman in his care aged under 18. Police cleared him of any crime, but he was never reappointed to the Cabinet. He said he was willing to offer support to Worth.

Very interesting. It seems we have some common threads between Neelam Choudary and Jennifer Kim. They are both dodgy. They both sought interaction with Richard Worth, Choudary at the prompting and pimping of Phil Goff. They are or were both involved in immigration scams.

The boyfriend mentioned is Jennifer Kim’s business partner, Feroz Khan of Kaukapakapa, Auckland. My sources tell me that again there is a common link here between the two cases. Mr Khan is very well connected in the Indian community along with Neelam Choudary. Mr Khan and Jennifer Kim though aren’t that popular as property developers having had at least one of their companies liquidated on court order by Inland Revenue.

Is all this sounding familiar? The similarities are striking between the two cases. I am sure there is more to this story than meets the eye.

I wonder what Phil Goff knows about all of this?