Time to end the troughing

Dozens of MPs get 90pc travel discountA total of 28 present MPs qualify for a 90 per cent taxpayer-funded discount for overseas travel, including private holidays. Act’s Sir Roger Douglas and Labour’s Chris Carter bore much of the publicity as big-spenders after the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Greedy Little PiggiesI think it is high time that the little piggies who also happen to be ex-MP’s had their wings clipped.

Times are tough and I see no reason why ex-MPs should continue to avail themselves of the largesse of the taxpayer. They need to cuk it up like all the other Kiwis.

It is hard to disagree with the basic premise of the Greens that the troughing must end. of course they might like to also end the significant amount of troughing their party has engaed in with accommodation allowances.