Toad is now on my permanent shit list

Congratulations Toad, you have made it to my shit list. It is a list you can never get off no matter how hard you beg.

The reason why

You are now in for permanent attention from what the SST described as the “country’s most notorious blogger”.

Fecking socialists, they are a piece of work ain’t they? And here was me thinking the Greens were all caring and sharing.

Here is my response you fucker!

A couple of things you need to know.

1. I am not unemployed, i paid good money out of my pocket and thus am not a burden on the state. I entered a commercial and contractual arrangement with my insurer.
2.It wasn’t good fortune, it was good planning you idiot.
3.I am subjected to an independent audit quite frequently actually, including barrages of tests and multiple doctors. I don’t need nor appreciate fuckers like you second guessing some of the best doctors in the land.
4.Get fucked you nasty piece of work.