Tonga Good, Fiji Bad

Key announces aid boost, police funding for TongaNew Zealand will contribute a further $2.5 million to Tonga’s police force and further boost the annual aid programme. Prime Minister John Key made the announcement after meeting with King George Tupou V and Tonga Prime Minister… [NZ Herald Politics]

I find it bizarre that we continue to chuck millions of dollars at Tonga, arguably one of the more corrupt and anti-democratic countries in the South Pacific and have in fact boosted aid to them so that they can “move” towards democracy and at the same time have “smart sanctions” in place on Fiji and zero funding and aid in assisting them move towards democracy.

If you look at both countries it is Fiji that has a better record of democratic reforms and yet we have frozen them out and are as a result pushing them ever closer into the welcoming arms and coffers of China and India.

Someone with some balls should tell those twats at MFaT to pull their heads in. Tonga as far as a strategic location doesn’t rate a mention, Fiji on the other hand is very important.

Clearly someone in the Australian and New Zealand governments seems to think that an unsinkable Chinese aircraft carrier in the Pacific is a good idea. I don’t.