Treasury bungles travel bill

Treasury bungles travel billThe Treasury has apologised for an error that embarrassed the Government and led Labour leader Phil Goff to accuse it of hypocrisy. [Stuff Politics]

Whoopsy, Labour looks stupid now. Treasury bungled the travel details when they released them this week.

Ministerial travel costs released last week showed that in the first three months of this year National ministers spent $739,000, more than double the $336,000 Labour ministers spent in the same period in 2008.

That wasn’t only wrong, it actually reversed the true situation.

The Treasury had been right with the $739,000 figure for National ministers, but it said today Labour ministers spent $783,000.

So, instead of National Minister spending up large it was in fact labour’s minister and we also know now too that their normal practice was to travel first class so that amount relates to far less travel than National’s which with the exception of John key’s travel which was booked by Helen Clark when she thought that she would be going to Peru.

Treasury’s deputy secretary for the state sector [non] performance group, Peter Mersi, said he deeply regretted the error and apologised for it.

I bet he does. His balls would have got a right good kicking for that embarrassment. Now though, Phil Goff needs to explain why it was common and usual practice for him as Trade Minister and Foreign minister before that to travel first class.