TV3 needs to come clean on Weatherston story

Hot in from the tipline is the story that TV3 may be in serious hot water over their journalist being given access to Clayton Weatherston.

Sources have told me that in fact Alison Horwood is a serial liar and has misled Corrections on numerous occasions to gain access to Clayton Weatherston.

She is on record with Corrections as an approved visitor after telling Corrections she was a close friend and never once mentioned the fact that she was a journalist working on a story about Clayton Weatherston. She has visited Clayton Weatherston many times under this pretense. It is a pretense that is likely to get them into seroius trouble.

The same sources tell me that this story is now being taken up with the Head of News at TV3 after investigations have revealed that this appears to have been an orchestrated campaign by TV3 to circumvent Corrections rules.

There may well be serious consequences for TV3. At the very least there are very serious breaches of journalistic ethics. There is more to come on this story for sure.