Tweetcher affairs blamed on booze, texts

Typical bloody teachers always blaming someone else, of course it isn’t their fault, never bloody is!

PRINCIPALS ARE dealing with an “exponential growth” in the number of teachers having inappropriate relationships with students and they blame text-messaging, the drop in the drinking age and dating websites.

They are being advised to set rules about teacher-student texting, and, to avoid problems, some teachers are even being warned to stay out of pubs that students visit.

Patrick Walsh, vice-president of the Secondary Principals Association, said it was hard to track the number of inappropriate relationships because they were often dealt with within the school. But as an expert in education law, he was hearing from increasing numbers of principals having problems, and called the increase “exponential”.

Texting, drinking together, dating websites and students using teachers as confidantes were all blurring the line. Walsh said many of the teachers slipping up were young men and women who started out by simply trying to be friendly with their students. That was fine, Walsh said, but it became a problem if teachers and students actually became friends.

Then there is Twitter as well as a couple of fool tweetchers have found out. There conversations were nice and public.

Frankly if a teacher can’t tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour/communication with their students then there isn’t much hope for their teaching ability either.

In my recent blog post about a blog set up by a teacher my friend warned about this sort of behaviour, she just forgot to mention they are all drunk … probably when they blog too. Turns out that the kids at school should be watching out for pwedator tweetchers not the predator public?