#Twittermafia Twevenge against the Tweetchers – Part 3

So the Tweetchers did what all ostriches did and put their head in the sand. They attacked the messenger and in having their collective asses handed to them to prove a point they have now protected their Twitter updates.

I bet they haven’t yet protected their pupils. This is the thing that concerns me most. These people are supposed to have a duty to care to protect the pupils in their care. This group have spectacularly failed with their own lives.

If I was the MinEd I would be taking a very close look at th quality of th advice being dished out by this bunch of chumps. I shudder to think that they are publicly funded.

I warned @suzievesper that I had copies if she tried to halt the embarrassment. She took down the photos. I put them back up. Know your shame and learn from it.

As for @pam_thompson, do you really think you should be working as a teacher when you post on Twitter for all to see that you have had a brain drain and can’t think of great ideas for teaching maths. Oh and probably not a good look to be whining about going back to school. I  highlight Pam Thompson because of this comment. Worse than that she is an Aussie in Australia.

All of this leads me to believe that there is a serious lack of education around the internet and the use thereof by tweetchers. There are clear guidelines, why are they not following them? Why did they attack the messenger and act like the proverbial herd of lemmings?

Seriously I think the MinEd should now be conducting an audit and finding out exactly the state and standard of the advice they are paying for from these fools. There is probably millions to be saved there.