#Twittermafia Twevenge against Tweetcher

I did a blog post about a school blogsite that a fool teacher had set up with zero permission from the students parents and almost zero communication from the school after it was brought to their attention. I’ve been attacked on twitter by a number of teachers who won’t admit to their risking the safety of children through lax standards

Then the @suzievesper and her other teacher pals including @sharpjacqui @isaac_d @inneskennard @kiwispouse @pam_thompson @rbvandijk and @achurches decided to have a wee chat on Twitter about me. Unfortunately for them they have failed to master the art of Twitter and clearly don’t know what a Direct Message is and so I can read all their comments about me. So I’ve been attacked on Twitter by a number of teachers who won’t admit to their risking the safety of children through lax standards.

To think that these people in all of their judgmental ways are teaching youth today.

Worse though, is that pretty much all of them have open lives all over the internet. But since @suzievesper is currently working as a national ICT advisor for clusters of schools, I thought I would demonstrate to her why it is important to make sure your online life mirrors your offline life or serious damage to your reputation can occur or at the very least severe embarrassment will occur. Oh and Suzie, don’t bother deleting the photos because I have copies)

Exhibit A: @suzievesper face to groin of stripper from her Flikr Photostream

Exhibit B: @suzievesper groping a stripper

Exhibit C: @suzievesper playing pin the penis on her prospective husband

Sadly, I, and other parents out there, should have no confidence whatsoever in their abilities, given their complete failure to manage their own standards in their own lives. Remember when you read their twitter comments that these people teach children.

Just because @suzievesper has a job with ICT in the title doesn’t mean she knows anything about what she is talking about and just because she can say Web 2.0 in a sentence also doesn’t mean she knows jack.

This is my world, I’ve been playing in it since the beginning, and by commenting on my blog and abusing me and my mental health on Twitter where everyone can see you entered my world.

Take a hint from The Whale. Don’t mess with me. Learn this lesson and learn it well.