Twyford given a slapping

Editorial: Giving children the vote an absurd suggestionThe idea of giving children the right to vote – through their parents – is not new. Five or so years ago, a leftist British think-tank suggested it, along with lowering the voting age to 14. Now, the concept has popped up here in… [NZ Herald Politics]

The candidate that Labour was too scared to use in Mt Albert has opened his gob a few times and most of the things he has had to say have been predictably stupid.

Today the NZ Herald editorial slams one of his stupid ideas. The mad thought that somehow children should be given the right to vote via a proxy – their parents.

The assumption is that voters, non-parents excepted, do not already place an emphasis on creating a better country for their children when they enter a polling booth. In many cases, that is surely wrong. Worse still, it is obvious why the concept of a parent with eight children having nine votes has sprung from left-of-centre sources. Parties of that inclination tend to garner support from large families, if only because of the welfare packages. One person, nine votes would redraw the political landscape. Childless people would feel like second-class citizens. As proposals go, this is one of the more palpably absurd.

The other absurd suggestion of Phil Twyford’s is thankfully never likely to even get to the first reading. His egregious lies in just one post and a website should actually be prosecuted as misleading in the extreme.