Watch out for #Tweetchers, they're preying on your kids

A couple of weeks ago I brought attention to a school using technology in a less than optimum way. I did it because the school wasn’t listening or acting upon the concerns of many parents.

For my efforts I got attacked by a bunch of useless ICT teachers who all thought they knew best when in fact they knew fuck all. In rder to demonstrate that I had to humilate one of them so that they will learn and understand that the Net sometimes isn’t all about cuddles.

Then yesterday I saw an article in the Herald about a new campaign;

Three organisations are teaming up in an effort to help parents protect their children from the dangers of technology.

Telecom, police and Net Safe are joining forces to ensure young people are aware of how to stay safe online, and through text messaging. Their pamphlet, Keeping Kiwi Kids Safer in Cyberspace is being distributed to schools.

Well I never. Who would have thought that there was a problem? Especially if you listend to fool ICT teachers. Of course the first sentence is completely misleading. The technologies themselves aren’t dangerous. I mean who ever heard of someone being raped by a router or a switch. I guess though an ethernet cable could be used to tie you up that requires the essential invention of a person. And ladies and gentlemen is where the problems lie with technology. The people using it.

A case in point was highlighted by the Herald on Sunday today.

A woman stripped of her teaching licence after inappropriate relationships with two female students has admitted abusing a position of trust.

Anne Caldwell was deregistered by the Teachers Council in February, for serious misconduct while working at troubled Fairfield College in Hamilton.

According to the decision, the 40-year-old former computer teacher singled out one girl for special meetings and encouraged her to lie to her parents. She received a warning after management discovered the relationship but continued a secret infatuation with a second student.

The decision said Caldwell:

– Told the second girl she loved her and could not live without her;

– Bombarded her with inappropriate texts over a sustained period;

– Sent messages to her page on the Bebo social networking site;

– Resisted attempts by the student to end the friendship.

The offending came to light when the student complained to another teacher, who referred the girl to principal Julie Small.

So what does this tell us. Well, that it isn’t really creepy paedo’s we need to watch out for it is the teachers that are preying on our young. With the numerous cases coming to light it seems that the teaching profession is quickly gaining the reputation of the catholic preisthood when it comes to diddling kids.

The ex-teacher herself has made some recommendations;

After spending most of her adult life studying at university and little time in the workplace, Caldwell said she had not “grown up” and called for all would-be teachers to be psychologically tested.

“People who are not emotionally mature often think like teenagers, think that they’re invincible and nothing bad is going to happen.”

Caldwell, who was ordered to pay $2000 costs, said she found it “easy to fall for students”.

She apologised to the two students, their parents and the school for putting them through an “emotionally challenging situation” but denied she was a “predator”.

And she warned other teachers not to text or email students because the technology enabled potentially inappropriate “private relationships”.

Well duh! Anyone who has had a run in with teachers knows this for fact. A good place to start with be the coven of witches and fools that attacked me for pointing out obvious.