We should be thanking Paula Bennett

Minister accused of breaking privacy lawSocial Development Minister Paula Bennett is facing a complaint under the Privacy Act for disclosing the amounts two solo mothers have received in benefits – but last night she remained unrepentant. One of the mothers said she… [NZ Herald Politics]

Paula Bennett has done NZ a huge favour by telling the truth about the beneficiaries sticking their hands out for even more money. She hasn’t made anything up, she hasn’t played Phil Goffs game and released partial information, she has just told the truth about people that chose to put themselves in the public view.

How can telling the truth be bullying? It is fair to assume that any other person Goff puts up in public can expect the same truth to be told, and it will be the truth, not some half baked story of an opposition fantasist seeking another nomination for a WOBH award.

If Paula hadn’t told the truth how long would it have taken someone like Farrar to have calculated the truth about the benefits these Labour poster girls receive?

I reckon Labour has picked the wrong battle yet again. Talkback and chatter around the streets was disbelief at how much beneficiaries actually get compared to people who work as say receptionists and have two children.

Labour will cop a flogging on talkback again today.