What is it with Helen Clark and Ministerial Limousines?

Yesterday WOBH revealed that Darren Hughes has been availing himself of Ministerial Limousines, at least in Auckland but also possibly in Wellington as well.

MP snouts in the troughHe used the limousines just prior to his, probably unecesssary, trip to the US so he could sit fawningly beside Helen Clark and Paul Henry. One thing I’m still wondering about is whether we as tax-payers funded his little jaunt to New York to visit “Mum”.

A what a “Mum” she is.

It turns out that little Dazza Hughes must be the apple of Mother’s eye because it was Helen Clark that booked the limousine so the son she never had could travel in style.

Now, Helen Clark is entitled (god I hate that word) to use a Ministerial Limousine because of her previous service as a Prime Minister. That is as it is, other ex-Prime Ministers get this. However it is for their personal use only. Not for bestowing rewards on loyal lickspittles.

Helen Clark seems to have a real problem with limousines from speeding through the country side like an African Dictator and now to passing her “entitlements” onto her loyal lieutenants and lickspittles.

Perhaps little Dazza was up in New York getting personal instructions on the plot to roll Phil Goff. After all Helen did a similar thing to Mike Moore, adter she helped him do it to Geoffrey Palmer.

Helen Clark should be reprimanded for this, because if she does it once she will do it again and is likely have done it before. The “entitlement” mentality must be cut from our society or the cancer will spread, and there is no better place to do that than with a former exiled Prime Minister.