What's the point of even standing?

I’ve had an interesting contribution via the tip line. It is a copy of a letter from National Party Board nominee Wira Gardiner. It appears Mr Gardiner has sent this letter to the “rangatira” (otherwise known as the office holders and key influencers) of the Party.

The part that interests me the most is this;

Conflict for the Board?

It seems Wira has missed the point. The concerns around conflict of interest really don’t relate to his wife Hekia’s ascension through the ranks. The conflict issue is much simpler than that as I’ve highlighted before. It is a bit like Church and State… there should be a very real line between the Party organisational wing and the Party parliamentary wing. If one side is substantially stronger than the other then the Party simple can’t operate successfully. Like it or not, Wira and Hekia will talk shop. And, Hekia will probably suggest directions that might be more comfortable for the parliamentary wing and forget the organisational wing. Even if she doesn’t do that, any time that a decision appears to be made in favour of the parliamentary wing the perception will be that Wira was influenced via pillow talk. This issue is very real whether he is just a Board Member or the President.

The other concern is how does Wira propose to be a part of List Ranking when he has the substantial conflict of interest of being married to a current MP? We assume he’ll declare his conflict and sit it out. How crazy would it be for a President or indeed even a Board Member of the National Party to not even get a say in the ranking of the Party’s candidates? I wonder if this also means he’ll need to sit on the sidelines of the Candidates’ college as well? And, how would it work for selections within the greater Wellington area?

Wira’s major issue in the Party is whether he’ll continue to be a fair-weather friend. Perhaps Wira could answer the very simple question of whether he’s had continual membership of the National Party for the “over 30 years” that he professes to have. Or, are the news reports correct that he’s resigned at least twice when he’s disagreed with current policy positions?

In fact perhaps all board candidates might like to outline their longest period of contiguous membership. If I’m going to be vting for someone to sit on the board then I want to know they are loyal to the Party and not just a fair weather friend thinking it might be advantageous now the Party is in government.

personally I don’t even see the point of voting for a candidate that can’t even sit on the List Ranking Committee as either a board member or as the President if they are conflicted by being married to an MP. I mean why even bother to stand, that is a conflict that can never be resolved.