Who is Rosie Brown?

One of the people mentioned in the Herald article about the strange goings on inside the Labour Party with their immigration rorts was Rosie Brown. She only got a small mention but really the Herald should have looked a bit deeper into her and her background.

You see because Rosie Brown is actually very tribal Labour. She featured as a candidate in the last local body election in Auckland City for the Labour/Green alliance CityVision. She stood in tamaki-Maungakiekie and her profile and photo are on CityVision’s website.

Given that little bit of information there are some serious questions that Su’a William Sio and Rosie Brown need to be answering.

Rosie Brown Parliamentary Services?Is Rosie Brown employed by Parliamentary Services?

If not then why does she have an official stamp that indicates she does?

As it would appear that she is claiming to be a member of Su’a William Sio’s electorate office one would expect her to be on the Parliamentary Services payroll. If she is not employed by Parliamentary Services as an electorate agent then it would seem she may be in breach of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act for providing immigration advice when it would appears she is not an exempt person. Section 11(b) of the Act states:

Persons exempt from licensing

The following persons are exempt from the requirement to be licensed:

(b) members of Parliament, and members of their staff who provide immigration advice within the scope of their employment agreement:

Is it also normal for Parliamentary Services staff to forward immigration applications for immigrants they have never met?

Serious questions, but will we get serious answers.