Why can't he say sorry to NZ?

Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of St Mary’s Bay has written a letter to the few remaining members of NZ First who haven’t died or succumbed to Swine Flu and said sorry to them.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has used a word that rarely crosses his lips, sorry.

Peters has written to his party faithful apologising for the mistakes that were made during the Owen Glenn affair before the last election.

In the letter, Peters said that before the party makes a new beginning, they want to use the hardest word in the English language, Sorry.

Peters acknowledged that mistakes were made.

He says in keeping their eyes on the big picture they failed to appreciate the importance of the details.

Peters says they allowed their opponents to create an impression of wrongdoing when no offences were committed and he says it won’t happen again.

WRP, 64, UOSMB is still one of New Zealand’s most corrupt and veanl politicians. he reckons he was never charged and that is mainly because a kind of Omertà pact operates inside NZ First and the Police are the singularly worst agency at investigating and prosecuting crimes under the Electoral Act. Quite simply Winston Peters lied and lied repeatedly about what he knew when.

His party never made mistakes, they delibrerately and calculatingly lied to authorities and it was only the mendacity of Michael Cullen in the Privileges Committee that saved him from greater sanction.

Winston can't say Sorry

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