Wilkinson should HTFU

Minister to seek folic acid reviewFood Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson says she will seek a review of the use of folic acid in bread – but not until a month after bakers have started adding it. Folic acid prevents some birth defects, and the idea of putting it in… [NZ Herald Politics]

God, I despair with some poltiicians.

Why, when she was being smacked around by Paul Holmes, didn’t she just say “Annette King signed us up for this, go and ask her why she wants to give men prostate cancer”.

Seriously National Ministers need to avoid departmental capture. Wilkinson is one of them. She should be saying to the departmental wonks to shove their advice and notify Austrlia that we ain’t mass medicating our people and if they don’t like that take it up with her boss.

Instead she promises a mealy mouthed review of a review.

God, politicians make me sick.