Williams? charity fiddle most disappointing

I just put out this Press Release;

Williams’ charity fiddle most disappointing

Cameron Slater, owner of the Whaleoil blog (www.whaleoil.co.nz) today criticised the behaviour of North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams after it was discovered Williams had not only fiddled with a charity auction to prevent legitimate bidding, but had also been the highest bidder to spend time with himself.

“Mayor Williams issued a very strange press release late on the evening of 21 July confirming he had interfered in bidding on the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust charity auction, “ said Mr Slater.

“This is a shame because I had actually fundraised close to $1000. Mayor Williams then hypocritically demanded I give the money to the charity anyway even though he prevented me from legitimately bidding for the prize of spending ninety minutes with him in a flight simulator,” said Slater.

“But what Williams didn’t mention in his press release is that not only did he prevent a nice big cheque from reaching the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, he was so scared of the result he was the highest bidder for his own auction through his daughter’s Trademe account. Adding insult to injury, the cheapskate Mayor only bid $150 for the charity.”

“It is a shame that this charity has been cynically used by Mr Williams in order to protect his fragile ego.”

“It’s not the first time Mr Williams has hurt the Rescue Helicopter service. He also argued hard against the Regional Amenities Funding Act which would guarantee proper funding for this and other Auckland regional services.”

“I remain committed to exposing the outrageous, erratic, and offensive behaviour of Mr Williams – a man who deserves the title ‘Clown of Campbell’s Bay’”.