Yet another Labour Party immigration scam

Labour Party official probedA Labour Party official is being investigated over immigration irregularities, just weeks after he helped Labour MP Su’a William Sio facilitate a meeting with Pacific Islanders duped in a fake-visa scam. Immigration New Zealand… [NZ Herald Politics]

Once again we have an immigration scam gracing the pages of the NZ Herald and once again it involves Labour Party officials, and once again labour Party officials in Mangere.

Just to recap so you can get the full picture of the serious issue Labour has. Philip Field, a former Labour Party MP and Minister is currently before the courts on allegations of corruption and bribery related to immigration, Stephen Ching, a Labour fundraiser and former candidate was ignominiously dropped from Labour’s list after allegation of dodgy immigration dealings, Neelam Choudary and her husband, both Labour party activists were similarly charged and Mr Choudary subsequently convicted of running an immigration scam and finally there is the incredibly smelly Bill Liu affair which has Dover Samuels, David Cunliffe and Shane Jones embroiled in a cash for visas scam as well as inappropriate authorisations of citizenship.

Occams Razor suggests that the simplest explanation for all of that is that Labour is deeply and profoundly corrupt and has been using the immigration system to garner favours, money and privilege for a select few.

Todays scam involves several Labour party officials including Semisi Faka’osikimuli, the Tongan Branch secretary and also Rosie Brown who also works from Su’a William Sio’s electorate office.

Documents obtained by WOBH show that this scam is similar in many repsects to the Choudary scam with non-existant job offers suporting visa applications and monies being obtained for the procurement of visas.

The Herald shows a nice photo of Semisi Faka’osikimuli but what they didn’t show cropped out. This is perhaps a more appropriate picture to show of Semisi Faka’osikimuli where he is sitting beside Helen Clark in a position of privilege.

It is almost inconceivable that Su’a William Sio the heir to Philip Field’s Mangere Labour party apparatus is unaware of what key officials in his electorate and electorate office are up to. He of course professes innocence and says;

“For too long, our people have been preyed on … because of their desperate immigration situations, and this is all part of cleaning the industry up, so I say, bring it on.”

The problem is though, for Mr Sio is that it isn’t the industry that needs cleaning up, it appears on the prima facie evidence, to be the Labour party that needs cleaning up. The prima facie evidence would suggest that Labour at a certain level at least is deeply corrupted, taking advantage of vulnerable people, and committing fraud, corruption and bribery against their own supporters.

Surely it is time for an Independent Commission Against Corruption to be established that can look into the activities of all political parties, official, civil servants and governmental personnel. Many will say that there isn’t corruption in new Zealand but they would be wrong, they just aren’t looking hard enough.

This blog will over time reveal just how deeply embedded in our society corruption has become.