A plague on both their houses

A plague on both their housesAfter the pre-caucus comments on ministerial housing his morning by Finance Minister Bill English and Labour leader Phil Goff, all I can say is a Plague on both their Houses. They are both over-cooking their plight and virtue to… [NZ Herald Politics]

Audrey has got it. Bill English’s position is untenable as is most of the cabinet but also Labour and Phil Goff dare not get into the argument on troughing MPs because theya re troughing it up large at teh same time along with the Greens.

I think it is time for a our MPs and Ministers to face the economic reality of the rest of us who pay their bills. The political environment has moved from under them and I for one support some sort of bulk funding arrangement or limitation.

It ill behooves our ministers and MPs to be percieved as being seen to enrich themselves off of the back of the taxpayer and that goes for the troughers in the Green Party too.

What I find strange is the media’s focus on National when this environment has been going on for years and the focus of the paid lap-bloggers as well.

John Key has at least moved quickly in two respects. The fact that we know about the amounts being spent on ministers and MP accommodation is because of Key’s government of transparency and the work of Lockwood Smith to bring transparency to the funds. Secondly to call for a inquiry to find a solution and to do that quickly. This act alone is in stark contrast for the former Clark ministry.

Of course one other way that would enable further transparency into expenditure at parliament would be to open Parliamentary Services up to inquiry under the Official Information Act.