About-face lets 23 MPs keep travel perks

About-face lets 23 MPs keep travel perksA ruling days before last year’s election restored lucrative travel perks to 23 MPs, 12 of whom were not re-elected. A freeze to stop the retirement travel perks of some MPs from building up was quietly reversed. In 2007, the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Speaker Smith now has all the ammunition he needs to end the troughing of ex-MPs on travel perks after the Herald has revealed that Speaker Wilson sneakily changed the rules so that her pals about to lose their seats in the electoral bloodbath of 2008 would at least be able to maintain some of their troughing.

The troughing must end and I call on Speaker Smith to bring some control tot he house and to the spending of ex-MPs. They won’t sue because to do so will be to bring down the entire populace upon their heads in anger.