An Andrew Williams Joke

Andrew Williams, the North Shore Mayor, was getting a a little bored of the job. After a while he feels as if he’s missing out on a bit of local colour. So he buys a horse, and rides it to work every day, while local Shoreites are stuck in their traffic jams.

Andrew WilliamsOne day his horse is stolen, so he goes to report it to the police. The cop takes out a ‘missing animal’ form and starts to ask questions. “This horse of yours, what colour was it?”. Williams responds, “Well, it was sort of gray…kind of brown…I don’t really remember”. The cop writes, “Colour: Unknown”.

“How tall was it?”. “Well…it’s hard to say…I rode it, I didn’t really measure it except for a saddle?” The cop writes, “Height: unknown”.

“What sex was the horse?”. Mayor Williams responds, “it was a male.”

The cop asks,”You didn’t know what colour it was, or how tall it was, so how do you know the sex?”

Williams replies: “Because every time I would ride him to work, everyone in their cars who saw us go by would say, ‘Look at the cock on that horse!”