Another great Totara falls in the forest

Oh dear, it didn’t take long. As I said in my posts before conference Wira Gardiner is a fair weather friend of National and prone to chucking his toys at the slightest hint of rejection.

A classic Maori trougher only looking for status. A person is defined more by how he deals with disappointment than how he deals with success. Look at his comments to the Herald;

Wira Gardiner“I thought the Key Government was about meritocracy and aspiration and I would have thought the party might have followed that, but they didn’t, so I am disappointed about that. While I support the direction of the Key Government, I shall be refocusing my priority into the areas where I am valued for what I am.

“Clearly, I don’t have a role now in the party and so I am going to shift my efforts to the things that I do where I am extremely valued.”

If he is such a good historian he would know that a person’s past actions are a good indicator of their future actions and it was this blogger that had the intestinal fortitude to point out Wira’s fair weather tendencies and toy chucking predilections.

History will also show us where we go with our pro-tem President.