Another Jetstar Fail!

Jetstar move from one cluster-fuck to the next.

Customers booking international flights on the cut-price airline Jetstar have been shocked by some sky-high fares – one customer’s flight was quoted at more than $1.3 trillion.

The airline yesterday said a computer glitch had led to the inflated prices and apologised to anyone surprised to find such costly fares.

One booking summary sent to the Herald showed a return ticket to Japan that would cost $1,324,930,000,000. The correct total was $1324.93.

The price of another passenger’s return flights from Auckland to Sydney was $321,630,000,000 when it should have been $321.63.

Sheesh, haven’t they heard about change management. I hope they service their airplanes better than they fix their websites. Then again they use Airbus’ so there isn’t really much hope for them.