Another rogue poll, TV3 still not calling cellphones

Tonight on TV3 there was another rogue poll showing that though Labour are travelling the country in a taxpayer funed bus they sure as hell aren’t re-connecting.

The tinkerbloggers though will be spinning this as yet another rogue poll in a series of rogue polls lasting 3 years all because they don’t call cellphones.

National 58.1% up 2.1%
Labour is down 0.8 to 29.2
Greens  up to 7.5 percent.
Act is down to 1.4 percent
Maori party is 1.2
New Zealand First has a few diehards left at 1 percent, probably Winston and his brothers plus assorted hangers on.

Preferred Prime Minister

John Key 51.6%
Helen Clark 8%
Phil Goff 6.5%