Are Labour the Mafia?

With New Zealand’s first politician going down for corruption, bribery and perverting the course of justice and with that person being a Labour MP and Minister when he committed these crimes one has to ask if Labour are in fact a deeply corrupt organisation.

Labour alone seems to be mired in rorts and irregularities with immigration. We have just seen Phillip Field convicted for corruption and bribery for offences committed while he was a Labour MP and Minister.

Convicted Corrupt politiciansRemember too that Neelam Choudary, who Phil Goff pimped out, was also charged along with her husband, with immigration fraud. Shane Jones, David Cunliffe and Rick Barker are also caught up in the Bill Liu immigration scandal that saw Bill Liu gain New Zealand citizenship in very suspicious circumstances. Just two weeks ago there was also the allegations and immigration investigations into the conduct of Su’a William Sio’s electorate official who appears to be operating an immigration scam from Labour’s electorate office in Mangere.

But to really look at the mafia like tendencies that have infected and taken over the Labour Party we must go back to the selection of Phillip Field over the wishes of David Lange who had retired and thought he was gifting the seat to Mark Gosche, a person who did care for his people. David Lange cared deeply about his electorate and wanted someone like him to take over, he had annointed Mark Goshe. Helen Clark had though by this time taken over totla control of Labour and foisted Phillip Field upon the electorate.

What is apparent now is that Phillip Field set about building a mafia like organisation in Mangere to systematically rort, steal and extort money from immigrants down on their luck in order to a) enrich himself and b) provide votes for Labour.

The fact that his party to a man stoutly and resolutely defended his actions and has never to this day resiled form their support says much about the Labour Party and their other import from the mafia, Omertà, which implies “the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime.

Omertà perfectly describes how the Labour party has dealt with Phillip Field. Phillip Field was only finally dumped from Labour, ot for his corruption, not for his bribery, not for his lying to an Inquiry, and not for perverting the course of justice. No, he was dumped from the party because hesuggested he might stand against Labour. The punishment was swift, in stark contrast to the stout defence of his previous actions. He was expelled from the party and another candidate selected in his stead.

Su’a William Sio has inherited the organisation and is now the capo in Mangere. Little wonder then that his own office is now under investigation for Immigration rorts.

It seems that Labour has been and still is running an immigration racket.

Racketeering, Omertà, capos, and let’s not forget about the protection and interference run by the police under the previous administration for anyone holding Labour Party membership. There are numerous examples of prima facie cases whereit wasn’t “in the public interest to pursue”. Fraud, Forgery, Assault, destruction of evidence, speeding, all deemed ok for Labour MPs, Ministers and party stalwarts, never prosecuted. Phillip Field himself as never prosecuted until he was expelled from the party.

Time I think for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption. No longer is New Zealand politics free from sorruption and no longer can Labour claim that they are clean. As the photo in this post shows, little seperates Phillip Field from Helen Clark and Phil Goff. In fact they are all so close not even a $100 bill could be slid between each of them.