Banks Kashs in before thousands, Brown announces to paltry crowd

Just as John Banks rose to speak before the thousands joining him to say farewell to Kashin at Auckland Zoo today the sun came? came out, meanwhile across town Len Brown turned his back on Manukau and announced his bid to be the Super City Mayor amidst the rain and mist and barely 100 leftist supporters.

Len Brown even quoted George W. Bush when he described himself as a ?a uniter, not a divider? which was of course G. W. Bush?s pitch for the White House.

How bloody thick is that?

Banksie must be beside himself with glee. Maybe Len’s brain got short circuited when his ticker clapped out.

As for the Maori seats, all Banksie has to do is say that he will not get in the way of due process if Maori want a referendum on them, but he personally wont support Maori seats, and he wins hands down. You would have thought the left would have learned after Orewa.

On Q+A today Guyon Espiner didn’t give Len Brown a free ride over his claim to support Maori seats pointing out that Manukau City doesn’t have any so why the big fan of them now?

GUYON???????? Let’s look at one of those things, the Maori seats, do you support having separate Maori seats on the Super City?

LEN???? Yes I do support that, and I think the government is missing an opportunity to really ensure that this bringing together is serious, that we are reaching out to all of our communities, and Maori have a special and significant place in Auckland, as they do have in New Zealand, it’s recognised through our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, it’s recognised through statute, it’s recognised through our seats in parliament.

GUYON???????? Well when I read the Royal Commission, volume 1, part 4, reports that in 2008 Manukau City Council rejected the establishment of Maori wards.

LEN???? We have had an unfortunate situation in our city over really the 45 years of time.? The reason why we do ? what we do in our city is that for our 45 years we have had Maori representation around our table, we have two people of Maori ethnic background in our table at the moment, one Tainui.

GUYON???????? But no separate Maori wards though.

LEN???? But we’ve been able to deliver representation to Maori on that basis along with the Treaty of Waitangi commitment.

GUYON???????? But without separate Maori wards.

LEN???? Guyon what I want to say…

GUYON???????? Well I’m asking you why you rejected Maori wards.

LEN???? Because we had strong Maori representation in our Council at the time.

GUYON???????? Well don?t you just then prove Rodney Hide’s point that we don?t need to have separate seats?

LEN???? No, because I believe that going forward 1.4 millions Aucklanders, I want to see Maori around that table, and I do not believe that we can satisfy our requirements by just having it under the ward system in this new structure.? I believe we could deliver it in Manukau.? I think we will really struggle in the Auckland Council.

So, now we know that Len Brown is a hypocrite as well. Meanwhile Left-wing political commentator Matt McCarten says John Banks is getting damaged by his association with local government minister Rodney Hide.

Rodney has probably consolidated his position in NZ politics for a generation by taking a principled stance on race based seats that is in line with the majority of the populations views.

Screw the liberal elite. There is no way Aucklanders are going to go for the happy, snappy, rappy, dancing, prancing, huggy, kissy, kneeling, praying, huffy, puffy, hypocrite candidate.