Bill English FAIL!

English: Extra taxes possible to aid recoveryFinance Minister Bill English has again refused to rule out introducing some form of capital gains or land tax as Treasury officials seek policy tools to prevent a premature housing boom and an overvalued dollar blocking economic… [NZ Herald Politics]

FFS what did we ever do to deserve this idiot.

In times of recession it isn’t that the government should be looking for more taxes, it should be looking at cutting government spending.

When you income doesn’t match expenses in your household you have to make adjustments, why is that politicians seem to think that the ONLY adjustment that can be made is to increasing taxes.

Aresholes the lot of them. It is high time that thse so called “entitlements” were seriously and properly reviewed, then cancelled.

Time for joyce to step up to the plate and roll Bill from his over promoted position and send him back to Dipton.