Bludgers troughing it too

Hundreds get $1000 a week in benefitsHundreds of state beneficiaries are receiving payments totalling more than $1000 a week. The top 50 recipients face an audit of their entitlements ordered by Social Development Minister Paula Bennett. She has revealed that 307… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is that f**king “entitlements” word again.

The top 50 bludgers off the state are troughing it up at over $1000 per week net. The problem lies in the use of that word “entitlements”. These people think that they are “entitled” to a lifestyle paid for by the state.

They are wrong.

She has revealed that 307 beneficiaries get more than $1000 a week. Many among the top 50 have more than eight children.

They include a couple with 10 children who get $1200 a week. Both parents have been on the unemployment benefit for more than 15 years.

Of those getting more than $1000 a week, 168 are on the domestic purposes benefit. The basic DPB pays $272 a week, but people receiving it can get extra allowances, such as grants for disabilities or sickness in families. Other top-ups include up to $255 a week in accommodation supplements, especially for those paying high rents in Auckland.

The figures also include family tax credits and subsidies for childcare assistance that are paid directly to childcare centres.

Why are these people getting tax credits? They are net tax takers not net tax payers.

It is clear that the safety net has become a hammock for some and a trampoline for others. Surely it is time to reset the public psyche with regard to “entitlements”. Even calling them “benefits” shows how much the socialist mantra and ownership of words have taken over. I suggest we find an extremely negative word to describe state welfare and start using that.  Word like quittance or stipend or just plain dole.