Breast Cancer Foundation won't accept Boobs on Bikes Cash

Boobs on BikesThe NZ Breat Cancer Foundation has refused any cash raised by Steve Crows Boobs on Bikes because;

“After careful consideration and review of your fund raising initiative, we have decided that your project is not an appropriate alignment for us. Therefore, while we are grateful for your offer we do wish to be associated with this initiative. Please ensure that your current line of promotion for pledging money to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is discontinued.”

Right so they already have plenty of money huh! In case they didn’t know last Boobs on Bike scored 100,000 watchers down Queen Street.

Steve Crow has responded to them;

I am, quite frankly, gob-smacked by the arrogance your organisation exhibits by refusing to accept a donation from a perfectly legal and valid source.

What right do you, or anyone else in your organisation, have to turn down funding much needed by the women of this country? Is the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation so flush with cash that it does not need money to help New Zealand women combat and/or live with this horrible disease? If it is, that is wonderful – I look forward to soon learning that all New Zealand women are eligible for unlimited free screening and treatment for breast cancer. If not, then who the hell are you to take a moral high-ground that could deny one or more New Zealand women a better life?

All very valid points Steve raises there, almost like nipples on a very cold day. He goes on;

As you are undoubtedly aware, some 100,000 people turn out to watch our event every year. A good proportion of these (in the case of Erotica 57% in fact) are woman. They come from all walks of life and all ages. What they all share is a love of freedom of expression and distaste for the hypocrisy of organisations and individuals that try to limit their civil rights as free-thinking adults. I use the word hypocrisy here deliberately, the NZBCF’s Premier Supporter is listed as The Lion Foundation (alcohol and gambling money), while another is Sky City (also alcohol and gambling money) – so booze and gambling, two of societies’ main social problems are OK in your world but adult lifestyles events are not?

I will give you a little quote from the New Zealand Drug Foundation’s website which lists among the long term effects of heavy drinking “for women: increased gynaecological problems, foetus damage if pregnant, increased risk of breast cancer”. Yet you take money from the alcohol industry; why – to help them assuage their collective consciences? I applaud you for putting aside your morals in this instance; take their money for the good of New Zealand women.

Right, so Steve has now exposed their hypocrisy in accepting cash from gambking and liquor sources but not from the Porn industry which actually appreciates Boobs.

I suggest you forget about balancing “a wide range of factors when determining whether an event has alignment with the values of our organisation” – this is precisely the sort of politically correct BS that makes organisations such as yours so grossly inefficient and unwieldy. The only values you should consider are ‘is the source legal’ and ‘do we need the money to better aid New Zealand women’.

In closing, my organisation offered you FREE space at the Erotica Lifestyles Expo to give you the opportunity to fund raise and get your message to over 20,000 adult New Zealanders. This is an opportunity for you to be there and educate people about breast cancer. Remember, 57% of our attendees are women. These people are your target audience, your clients. I have no obligation to make such an offer and no hidden agenda to give away valuable space in this manner. Erotica has a long and proud history of supporting charities because I believe in giving back and supporting worthy causes.

Your refusal to accept charity on behalf of New Zealand women simply because of your moral beliefs it is worthy of only three words;

Shame, shame, shame.

My offers are now withdrawn; we will support Clitoraid and the women of Africa instead.

It seems that Steve Crow cares more about Women’s Health than the NZ Breat Cancer Foundation.