Bring it on! – Teach the troughers a lesson

Q and A on MP’s perksPoliticians have been vigorously defending their right to taxpayer-funded perks this week. Political reporter Claire Trevett examines the claims. Transtasman oneupmanship – rather than a reward to MPs for taking smaller salary… [NZ Herald Politics]

Right at the bottom of the Herald article is a little bit that says;


Any attempt to strip former MPs of their international travel perk could end in trouble unless there was compensation or a “strong public interest” rationale for doing so, says a public law lecturer.

Dean Knight, a senior lecturer in public law at Victoria University, said while MPs were not technically employees whose perks were in contracts, it would be difficult to remove them without compensation.

He said a case could be made for stripping Taito Phillip Field of the privilege on the grounds of strong public interest, because of his convictions. Speaker Lockwood Smith is expected to do so by the end of the month. “But for other ex-MPs, just because there is a public outcry isn’t a strong enough countervailing public interest argument to take it away without compensating for it.”

Mr Knight said the MPs had a reasonable expectation that the perks they were offered would not be discontinued.

The president of the Association of Former Members of Parliament, Graham Kelly, said this week that the association would defend any attempt to strip the perk from ex-MPs, describing it as a legal entitlement and part of their conditions of employment.

Well I say bring it on. I don’t reckon they would go to court because they would be too scared of the public backlash. It is only cronyism that is keeping it in place.Reef it off them just the same way they reefed things of us when they were in power. Call it Divine Retribution.