Calling time on Double Standards and Racism

A previous post mention Stephen Franks post about the culture that exists with Maori and Pacific Island MPs, not all mind, but some.

I am utterly sick and tired of people espousing the myth that Phillip Field looked after “his people” (meaning Pacific Islanders, especially Samoans).

Philip Field was an electorate MP.  

The population he represented was multi-racial, palangi, Indian, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Maori etc.     That’s the trouble, he was “looking after” the people he could exploit.   A Palangi MP is expected to treat all constituents in the same way.   Heaven help a European NZer favouring other Pakehas/European/Palagi,  so why do we expect that an MP of an ethnic minority, in a General Seat will especially “look after” his own.  

Stephen Franks has got it right, we must steadfastly defend and value our New Zealand culture and not tacitly approve of some carrying on with the corruption they bring from another country, just because it is their culture.

No doubt some lefty twat will complaint hat I am being racist, let me assure I most definately am not. I am simply calling out the racism of others.