Castle-Hughes should STFU

Castle-Hughes hits back at PM’s tauntKeisha Castle-Hughes has hit back at Prime Minister John Key’s comments telling her to “stick to acting” over her stance on climate change. The Whale Rider actor told Close Up last night that she would be willing to meet Mr… [NZ Herald Politics]

What is it with actors and celebrities that think that they can tell us all how to live our lives? They can act but so what. Any other form of intelligence has long been extinguished.

I bet Keisha Two-Fathers doesn’t even know that the only way to make the stupid target she and the Greens are advocating for is to walk around shooting one fifth or 700,000 of our cows. Yes that is the Greens policy, except they call it de-stocking. What it really means is killing off 700,000 cows and making farms less productive and thus the country less productive.

Greenpeace, the Greens and Keisha Two-Fathers are the Khmer Green, eco-terrorists trying to subjugate the world under the new religion.

No cars, no trucks and 700,000 less cows. All to save the planet from a non-disaster.

Watch this vide, especially the part at 1:49 “as actors, its our responsibility to read the newspapers and say what we read on television like its our? own opinion”, ain’t that the sad pathetic truth.