Cosgrove caught out

David Garret has categorically denied allegations of bullying against him, made by Clayton Cosgrove.

In fact as NZPA is reporting it is Cosgrove who needs to be worried about Speaker Smith’s investigation into this matter.

Mr Garrett today sent a letter to Dr Smith which gave a detailed account of the exchange and said there was no way anything he said could be considered a threat.

He said he had voted with government members on the committee to block a motion which Mr Cosgrove supported.

“Mr Cosgrove then said something like: `What happened to the ACT Party’s commitment to openness and transparency? You are a lapdog of theirs, a lamb to the slaughter’.

“I replied: `Save your insults for outside the precincts of Parliament Mr Cosgrove’, or words to that effect.”

Mr Garrett told Dr Smith he categorically denied inviting Mr Cosgrove to “step outside, take this outside, or making any similar invitation to settle our disagreement violently”.

The ACT MP said his comment was intended to leave Mr Cosgrove in no doubt that while he might be protected by parliamentary privilege in the select committee room, he would not have that protection from potential legal action if he made defamatory remarks outside Parliament.

Once again Labour stand accused of manufacturing an incident. they set up Dr Worth in a honey trap with”strikingly beautiful” Labour activest Neelam Choudary and now it appears that they have baited David Garrett who is known for his short fuse.

Silly lame kindy tactics like this are the reason why they will remain on the opposition benches. The sad part of all this is that some in the media still go along with Labour MPs shopping stories like this to them.

From this interchange it clearly shows that it is Labour and Clayton Cosgrove who are acting as bullies and David Garrett has merely stood up to their playground bravado and delivered a smack down.