Cunners wants to know why Kelston got it tough

BrawlIn a desperate bid to raise his profile ahead of the upcoming Labour leadership challenge, dear old Cunners wants to know what Kelston Boys got it so tough in the fight between Kelston and Grammar first XV players.

This photo from the Herald website should explain why.

It would appear that the Kelston lock (5) is actually taking on a member of the public – a woman in fact – with his elbow.

Its one thing for Incredible Hulk to take on The Thing when on the field, but another to hit a woman, even if she is batshit crazy.

Plus what does Cunners care anyway its not like he even lives in his electorate. It isn’t a coincidence with that both David Cun(t)liffe and Steve (T)Watt both have a silent ‘T’ in their names.

Steve (T)Watt was a prick as a teacher at Grammar when he was there, I knew him well. He hasn’t improved by the sounds of him.