Don't Know/Don't Care to lead Labour into next election

TV3 has some real bad news for Phil Goff and for Labour.

Don't Effing CareIn the poll asking who should replace ineffectual pro tem leader of Labour, Phil Goff, the leading contender was Don’t Know/Don’t Care on 23%, followed closely by None of the above on 21%.

Other contenders for the poisoned chalice were Old Yeller, Annette “Full Moon” King on 15.5%, David Cun(t)cliffe at 14.8 percent, Shane “Five Bellies” Jones scored 7.6 percent.

Unbelievably Laila Harre 7.3 percent and Andrew Little got the lowest votes, with just 3.7 percent. Harre isn’t even a member of Labour and neither her nor Andrew Little are even in parliament.

David “Blackwater” Shearer was also mentioned, hugely ironic since it was Phil Goff who brought his mate back from Jordan to stand. Ironi too because it was David Lange who won an electorate in a by-election and then went on to be a great leader for Labour in the 80’s.

Perhaps it isn’t Andrew Little that Goff needs to fear, rather David Shearer and his band of hired mercenaries.

The BBQ’s will certainly be fired up this weekend after Dover Samuels knifed Goff and King and annointed “Five Bellies” as his chosen one. Not sure an endorsement from “Uncle” Dover, a pissed up, incontinent living in Aussie will be any sort of endorsement.