End Anderton's troughing

Jim Anderton is a fraud. He is no more a party leader than Peter Dunne. One man bands troughing it up at taxpayers expense getting additional funding because they are supposed to be party leaders.

Labour leader Phil Goff’s defeated choice for party general secretary has been parachuted into a top job in his parliamentary office.

John Pagani, a long-time adviser to Progressive leader Jim Anderton, will start work as one of four “directors” in Labour’s leadership team next week.

Mr Goff said he would be focusing on non-media communications. “John has skills that will be very useful for Labour in opposition and I am looking forward to having him in the office as communications director.”

So, the Progressives main strategist now works for Phil Goff. Exactly how many members remain in the Progressives and are they in fact just? branch of Labour now?

Time an investigation by Parliamentary Services was launched into both Peter Dunne and Jim Anderton.