Fancy a root with your hamper?

Times must be getting tough for embattled Christmas Hamper company Chrisco.

It seems they are now offering their packages through at least one brothel. Brings new meaning to the term H I R E D.

CHRISCO top rep sells Christmas hampers to her clients after having sex with them.

Christmas hamper empire Chrisco has admitted it is aware its top distributor markets hampers to customers of her escort business.

But a Chrisco spokeswoman said it would be inappropriate for 45-year-old Nelson-based distributor Pip Rene to offer discounts for people buying Christmas hampers and sex at the same time.

Rene told Sunday News she was an honest businesswoman making a legitimate income and there was no problem selling the Chrisco hampers to customers at her suburban brothel.

I wonder if those crazy guys at Hampsta will be offering roots on their card in order to compete for the low rent market or do they have a bit more class than Chrisco the company being run by a dodgy failed finance company director that has to lie about their credit rating.