Franks on Field

The best MP National doesn’t have Stephen Franks has given his opinion on conviction of a corrupt former Labour MP.

The saddest thing for us all is the response from spokespeople for the Samoan community so far, and Labour.

Labour should have formally apologised to those they accused of “muckraking” ( I was among them for asking for an independent investigation instead of Clark’s fake enquiry) and sworn to return to bi-partisan upholding of core honesties after the dark years of the Clark morality.

The silence of Labour is reprehensible. They should be begging for forgiveness. The fact that still have not shows just how out of touch they remain with the electorate.

Corrupt abuse of power is normal for most cultures, at most times. Indeed in most cultures a failure to put the interests of your own family above all other duties is regarded as immoral. Those societies are condemned to the routine abuse of power .

We are the lucky inheritors of the culture of one of history’s few but stunning exceptions. This hard won acheivement depends on continual reinforcement of the ethic of stewardship and self denial. It needs periodic refreshing with example cases. The example scapegoats must be formally denounced then shunned with a uniting of factions to show adherence to the underlying common value.

Such a vital but ‘un-natural’ value demands constant patrolling and re-definition of the boundaries. That process allows successive generations to refresh their committment.

Yes and we must have in place the systems to ensure that the Phillip Fields on tyhis country do not continue to exert their mafia like influence over the most vulnerable in our nation. We must have transparency in the system and we must have a Independent Commission Against Corruption to guard against this sort of thing happening again.

Our vulnerability to Polynesian tolerance of corruption is doubly worrying when there has been no purging by Labour of its complicity in Field’s defense. Clark’s handling of the issue was despicable. When our core values needed reinforcing she was AWOL. Pity the UN, where corruption is one of their biggest problems and they have a boss with her instincts.

And National is close to the Maori Party. Much as I like Tariana Turia’s qualities, I can not forget that she took Donna Awatere to her bosom when Donna was shown to have abused trust and her office, then did the same with Field when Labour was finally forced to distance themselves from him. Her only explanation was brown solidarity.

Sadly there can be no confidence that NZ will retain its clean politics until we have some strong Maori and Polynesian leaders who will denounce corruption even when it is brown, and claim their shared inheritance of our rare north European political morality .

This is the sad truth. Essentially “Big Dad’s” defence was his essential Samoan-ness. This is just bullshit. One only has to look at fellow Samoan Sam Lotu Iiga to see the lie of Phillip Field. We need to combat the culture of graft, bribery and corruption that exists and is taken advantage of in South Auckland and taken advantage of mostly by the Labour Party.