Future of National Party president uncertain

Future of National Party president uncertainThe National Party is rife with speculation that recently elected president Peter Goodfellow may resign. Mr Goodfellow, an Auckland businessman, was elected only three weeks ago during the party conference in Christchurch. Prime… [NZ Herald Politics]

Gee! I wonder why there would be speculation over his future as President?

He is a lame duck choice for President anyway as the party fully expected someone else to be president based on polling for the board positions.

The response at the conference was distinctly underwhelming for Peter Goodfellow and within 10 minutes people were pointing out that his time was limited as his board position was up for re-election next year.

The powerful Northern Region and Canterbury were particularly aggreived and it was therefore it is unlikely that he would get re-elected.

Since being elected he has proven the nay-sayers correct by doing precisely nothing. My oarty sources tell me that he hasn’t made even one call to the various Regional Chairs since the conference which is a shameful dereliction of duty in the first instance.

I heard on Radio New Zealand this morning some fool caucus members stating that the president had their confidence. I hasten to point out to those fool caucus members that caucus has nowt to do with the president and that every time they have meddled in the party and the presidency it has ended in tears. Leave the presidency and the party to the party and start doing your jobs in parliament lest the Whale takes an interest in your failings.

Handy hint also for Goodfellow, take the hit and go, there’s a good fellow.