Get rid of the advertising in the parliament

Since we are focusing on egregious waste of taxpayer funds at the moment there is one area that I think the Speaker could look at.

That is the awful party advertising that Labour started and that has been taken up by the Greens and Maori party that we have seen sprouting on top of the benches in parliament.

Phil Goff and his advertisingLockwood Smith has rightly mounted a campaign to restore the legitimacy and gravitas of the parliament after the terrible speaker-ship of Margaret Willson. We have seen ministers being required to answer questions rather than the half-hearted attempts that Wilson allowed. We have seen standing orders enforced and standards raised.

What better to do next and save us some money at the same than to remove the taudry political advertising from the chamber.

Many city councils around the country forbid billboards and other forms of incidental advertising. This is our most public of places and even worse for the taudry advertisers they insult our war dead and heroes.

Around the walls of the chamber are New Zealand’s battle honours, honouring the the fallen. How taudry and crass that labour and other parties have introduced corporatised advertsing of their party into the chamber to disrespect our heroes.

I have watched countless times on television, and today is no exception, Labour flunkies move the little box with the corporatised Labour logos and the little logo from parliamentary services that signifies that we the taxpayer paid for it, moved into view of the camera when a speaking MP somehow obscures it. This shows just what labour intended when they introduced this and it should be stamped out.

I ask that Speaker Smith take action against this as a small measure to improving the respectability of the House.