Helen Clark loses – again

Helen Clark loses – ex-Labour MP takes titleFormer prime minister Helen Clark pressured her former ministerial colleague Margaret Shields not to accept the title “Dame”. But the former MP for Kapiti did not buckle, and this afternoon she will be invested as a Dame Companion… [NZ Herald Politics]

I don’t believe in paying homage to a bunch of inbred, adulterous germans any more than the next man, but I think titles give proper recognition of service. Even if it is recognising the service of a trougher.

Just because it doesn’t fit into Helen’s blinkered world view she shouldn’t be vindicitive and try to stop people from accepting titles, especially since it seems like a broad cross section of the population seem to like them.

Removing them in a fit of teenage pique was a very poor look for Helen, and it is good to see John Key is mature enough not to be so hung up about our former paternalistic colonial overlords that he doesn’t take on the best parts of their systems.

A for Helen Clark, STFU already, loser.