Hooton defends English Troughing

I was listening to Radio New Zealand and nearly drove off the road. Matthew Hooton was heard defending Bill English and his troughing. Listen at about 9 minutes.

Greedy Little Piggies at parliamentSounds like Hooton has been got at by Key to defend English

Though clearly within the rules it is this sort of gratuitous troughing by ALL MPs that we must campaign to remove.

It is hardly a good look when we are criticising beneficiaries for spending up under their “entitlements” when other state beneficiaries like cabinet ministers are doing so as well.

The problem we have is that cat is charge of the canaries and not the other way around.

We must gain control over our parliament and stop the troughing all round. The Greens and Labour have of course stayed very, very quiet on this because their snouts are firmly jammed right in the trough as well.