It's not because he's gay, it's because he is a trougher

Phil Goff has delivered a massive slap down to gay trougher cry-baby Chris Carter.

Labour Party leader Phil Goff doesn’t think the media focused on Chris Carter’s travel expenses because the MP is gay and takes his partner on overseas trips.

Mr Carter does think that, and is asking why there didn’t seem to be any interest in other MPs who took their husband or wife away with them.

“The only conclusion I can draw from that is it’s because I’m gay,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

Mr Goff today told reporters he had seen no evidence that was the case.

“I think this is more about media balance,” he said.

“They had a fair go at (Finance Minister) Bill English about his housing allowance, they wanted to have a look at one of the people who travelled more than most.”

Worse though. Goff says he has no problem with Carter’s troughing at the taxpayers expense.

it is no wonder that Goff treats the taxpayers purse as his own when he can only get 11 people to a fundraiser in his own electorate  and two of them are his own MPs. All other MPs clearly don’t want to even be seen with him.

God I hope he makes it to the next election otherwise we might have to fight the election with someone capable like Cunliffe.